Warm weather brings outdoor activities, housewarming welcomes, and new freshmen adventures. Even when the leaves aren’t falling and snow doesn’t crunch under our feet, comfy cozy blankets are a necessity! A customized photo throw blanket makes a versatile essential for you and a meaningful gift for friends and family. Here are a few ways blankets help you make the most out of the summertime shine!

Sit down and summer it up

A trusty blanket helps you enjoy the best of summer events without dirt or creepy crawlies! Get comfy with a custom blanket at bonfires, concerts, and picnics. Summer fun tip: many cities are bringing back free movies, live music, and other outdoor events. Your neighborhood park might have a whole slew of summer festivities planned!

If you’re looking to create a go-to outdoor activity companion, pick a nature-inspired pattern for a colorful, calming display. With a Periwinkle Floral or Watercolor Garden design, your photos get a flowery frame and you’ll have a charming seat to relax in the grass. And when you’re prepping for a concert or movie in the park, throw your blanket and other essentials into a large premium cotton tote!

Put the “warm” in housewarming

You can’t talk summer without moving season. Whether it’s a new adventure for you, a family member, or a friend, someone’s always on the move! Housewarming gifts celebrate your loved one’s new chapter, and a custom blanket is the perfect personalized touch to their new home. Add a custom throw pillow to give a cute, customized set that gets their living room started.

Moving with children can be difficult for you and intimidating for them. A new home is exciting, but it can be a little scary! Welcome them home with a brand-new, plush blanket — it’s a great reward for all their patience and cooperation during the move. If they love animals, a Wild Giraffe or Roaming Dinos design will spark their imagination at bedtime.

Comfort your new college student

When August comes around, you or a loved one may be sending off a new college student. College means new friends and new textbooks, plus a new dorm to make home! You can’t take notes for them in class, but you can help make their new space cozy and comforting with a custom throw blanket.

Something so many students say they miss the most while off at school: the family dog! If they’ll miss a four-legged family member, create a 5-Piece Collage!

This summer will be filled with adventures and landmarks, so be sure to share them with us on social media.