Choosing a sports bra should pay attention to these 6 points

Running is one of the sports that most people choose, but did you know? According to the research of scholars, every mile of runs, the breast will shake 135 meters, and the violent sway of breast will directly damage the elastic fiber tissue in the breast, causing the breast to sag and deform. Therefore, advocates wearing a sports bra to protect yourself during the exercise process.

1. The best full cup sports bra.
Like to exercise, don’t be greedy and choose the kind of half-cup or exposing bra. Choose the kind of full cup sports bra according to your bust circumference and cup size.

2. Choose a sports bra and look at the fabric.
Sports bra fabrics are also diverse now, generally including nylon, spandex, modal, polyester, AB yarn, wood pulp cotton, combed cotton, covered yarn, bamboo carbon, bamboo fiber, lace, cold silk, etc. There are also mixed fibers. Generally, sports bras do not recommend choosing the kind of cotton, because people will sweat a lot when they move. Although cotton sports bras absorb sweat well, they are less elastic.

3. First choose a seamless sports bra without rims.
Regarding why women should choose a seamless sports bra without steel ring, because the bra has a steel ring, it is easy to be exposed to sweat and rust, which is not good for the human body.

4. The busty women is suitable for a single-layer cotton and spandex sports bra.
Because spandex is rich in elasticity, it is the ideal material for producing sports bras. The general practice is to use nylon and a certain ratio of spandex as the original material. Such sports bras can prevent sagging breasts and protect the skin.

5. Should pay attention to the shoulder strap when choosing a sports bra.
If you choose a sports bra, you should also pay attention to the shoulder straps. If the shoulder straps are not well planned, it is easy to slip off.

6. Try on the sports bra and feel comfortable.
Trying on a sports bra is the same as trying on new clothes. Looking at the mirror, you can feel the shape of the front, back, and side. It feels satisfactory. Don’t be too tight, and you will be uncomfortable.