Bucket Hats and how to style them?

Bucket Hats and how to style them. Beginning in the 1940’s, bucket hats have made a comeback into everyday fashion. Whether it’s styled with a casual outfit or a party out, this blog posted by Dysdyl.com will teach you how to do both!

1. Types of Bucket Hats. At this moment in time, the main bucket hats worn are fluffy or knit bucket hats. With that being said, there are a multitude of different styles which is what makes them so diverse. You can buy them plain, patterned, fluffy, custom, reflective and many more all for a budget friendly price of around €10-€20. The price is definitely justified considering how often you can wear them me how long they will last for. These hats have been in style throughout the 40s, 80s, 90s and currently so I don’t think we need to worry about them going out of fashion any time soon.

Don’t forget to always look for the reversible bucket hats! These might have different colours on either side or even a different pattern. Wearing a reversible hat will mean you can change up the look depending on your outfit or colour scheme, getting even more wear out of the hat.

2. Wearing a Bucket Hat with a casual outfit. For a casual outfit you may want to add a neutral bucket hat so that it adds value to your outfit but doesn’t overpower it. I’d suggest one that’s similar to the colours you have in your outfit or just a simple beige, white or black. At the moment, I am loving the bucket hats that are minimalistic with maybe a few words on the front or a small embroidered image. However, if you are wearing more of a street style outfit you may choose a more vibrant bucket hat or maybe one with a bold pattern to complete your outfit perfectly. Always think about the small details, for example, do your trousers have a chain on? Could you add a black bucket hat with a small chain or paper clip to complement the trousers? Or maybe you have some black cargo pants on, you may want to add a pop of colour so go for a neon pink or green bucket hat.

3. Bucket Hats and festival/rave outfits. We all know that Bucket Hats are the go to accessory to complete any festival outfit, no matter what your style is! I would suggest wearing a very ‘out there’ hat, maybe one that you wouldn’t be able to wear on a day-to-basis as you get to explore another side of yourself. I am a real lover of the banana, pickle, swirl, smiley face and reflective bucket hats. They can really add your personality to an outfit and let everyone around you know that you are good fun! And let’s not forget… If your hairs a bit greasy by day 3 of the festival then it can be the perfect cover up to get those locks out of sight 😏.

4. Custom Bucket Hats. Many people don’t think of this, but there are many companies out there that sell custom bucket hats for reasonable prices (around €15) on Google for example. These are great if your going to a concert as you can customise the hat with your favourite lyrics or album name, and you will have a one-of-a kind item that will make you stand out from the crowd. If it’s not a concert you are going to I’m sure you can think of something else that is personal to you to make your outfit that little bit more special.