Bikini Trip to New Smyrna Beach

Hello babes!!!

Today’s blog post is a little more of a story (while featuring my favorite bikinis from, of course). A few months back, before we even found out we were pregnant, I met up with my friend Nicole to take some fun content pictures.

We had the whole day planned with a photographer and all. We were going to do some pictures together and some by ourselves. This wasn’t our first rodeo so we had all our #bikinis and matching outfits in order and ready to go.

Five minutes before arriving at our shoot location, New Smyrna Beach, our photographer canceled (she was feeling sick). This was going to be challenging since we only had our #iphones and she brought her Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III and we had 2 #selfie stands. This was going to be interesting…

We attempted so many times, and it did take us WAY longer to shoot by ourselves than if we would have had a photographer but HEY the pictures came out pretty good (at least, I think so).

I must say we did have a blast. Upon our arrival, the beach was completely ours. Later on, it did get hot and more people started arriving but we had a drink and an Acai Bowl and we continued.

Overall, the trip was successful and I got to know Nicole a bit more.

The lesson we learned was – “always have your camera with you” if it wasn’t because of her Canon and my iPhone we would have done the trip for nothing.