Anatomy of the Perfect Picnic Blanket

In our humble opinion, if you are taking the family out for a picnic, you might as well do it the right way. To ensure that it's a fun-filled adventure rather than an annoying experience, preparation is key.

And what better way to start the preparation than by picking the perfect centrepiece for your picnic: the picnic blanket.

With this in mind, we have dissected the mighty rug and looked at all the important features to look for in your outdoor blanket.

It's large.
Few things can ruin a picnic more than trying to cram many accessories and people onto a smallish blanket.

You need space and lots of it. Space for the picnic basket and all of its yummy contents. For the Champagne bucket or drink cooler. For your books, iPads, sunglasses, phones, cameras and all the other items only you can think of. And did we mention people?

As you see, a large picnic blanket is a must for a proper outdoor adventure. That's why our rugs the biggest measure a healthy 200 x 145cm, providing ample space for a comfortable day on the sun.
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It's waterproof.
The unpredictable British weather has been the subject of many fables and for a good reason. A light shower can come down on just about any sunny day and you can't let that ruin an otherwise perfect trip.

Once the rain is over, a picnic blanket with waterproof backing will allow you to enjoy the fresh air straight away.

Not to mention early morning trips when the ground might still be dump from the night before. A waterproof rug will keep you and the kids happy and dry by keeping the moisture and the cold away in any conditions.
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It's created for the outdoors.
You want your picnic rug to be created for outdoor use. There is a vast difference between a blanket intended for indoor use and a rug suited for the outdoors.

Picnic rugs have to withstand exposure to sun, dampness from the ground, sand, rocks and all the elements. This requires a rugged structure combined with a surface that is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on.

It's machine washable.
Let's be honest, good picnics can often be a little messy. Whether it's the wind knocking over your glass of bubbly, the kids throwing around crackers or grandma's chicken salad, or your ice cream melting too fast under the relentless rays of the sun.
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And that was just the upper surface. Sand, dirt, and other things that shall not be named can easily soil the bottom of the rug too. And at the end of a fun-filled trip, cleaning your throw might not be the most desirable thing to do.

It's the best there is.
As you can see, the best picnic blankets have to tick a lot of boxes. It's not just one or two things from the above list you want, it's really all of them.

This is the best picnic blanket
Satisfying all these requirements is not easy but it's necessary if you want to set the standard for the perfect picnic rug. Visit to choose your best picnic blanket right now!