6 Reasons to Wear a Sports Bra Daily

Sports bras have come a long way in design and comfort. They are no longer unfashionable workout items of limited comfort that you wore to try and reduce breast bounce. They are now well-designed items crafted of technical fabrics that have been rigorously tested to reduce breast movement.

For many of us they have become the must have workout partner that we cannot do without. But can they be more? Can they support us every day? We know we love them, but do we know why? Today let Dysdyl.com tell you the 6 reasons to wear a sports bra daily.

1. Sports bras help reduce breast pain
This is a biggy. We all know breasts move when we exercise. From A cup and up our breasts move up and down, side to side and even in a figure or eight. Sheesh! All that movement can cause breast pain and general discomfort. Especially over a long workout or simply when going about your day. Wearing a good fitting sports bra can reduce this movement.

2. Sports bras can reduce sagging
This one goes hand in hand with the point 1. If your breasts are unsupported during exercise and daily activity you can cause permanent damage to the delicate ‘Coopers Ligaments’. These support the breast tissue helping ‘keep you up’.

Breast bounce puts pressure on them causing them to stretch over time and your breasts to sag. This sagging is irreversible, so prevention is a lot better than no cure. Wearing a supportive sports bra is one remedy to prevent the premature sagging of your breasts.

3. Sports bras can boost your confidence
A lot of women feel self-conscious when exercising or simply going about their day. All that breast movement can attract unwanted stares. In fact, many women often avoid working out as a result. No-one likes people staring at their boobs when then are on the treadmill or walking the kids to school. This is where a good sports bra can help.

Not only do they reduce the bounce as we already know. The correct bra for you can also offer the right amount of coverage to not only support you but also stop you ‘popping’ out at an inappropriate time. With the right combination of coverage and support you will be itching to get to the gym for your next workout. You’ll also be able to walk the kids to school with confidence!

4. Sports bras have become fashionable
Whilst many are not strictly sports bras but rather sports crops. They still offer greater support than your everyday bra. They can be worn stand alone or under a top. Sports bras are now common sight at gyms, supermarkets and around the home. They have become a must have fashion accessory for the modern woman.

5. Sports bras can aid healing after cosmetic surgery
Anyone who has gone under the knife for breast augmentation surgery can relate to this one. The support and comfort offered by a sports bra can be used as a healing aid. Their ability to hold everything still and in place is the primary reasons surgeons recommend wearing a sports bra post-surgery.

6. Sports bras can be worn as everyday bras
Wearing a sports bra is no longer limited to exercising. The speed of our modern lives and the advances in sports bra design means many women choose to wear a sports bra everyday in place of their regular bra.

I have helped nurses, retail staff and even farmers (they spend a lot of time bouncing around on a tractor) find the perfect sports bra to wear every day. Think about how much time you spend on your feet each day at work, at home or chasing after the kids. That’s a lot of unwanted bounce that can be arrested by a sports bra. The best bit: you can cut down on the number of regular bras you own and save a few dollars. No changing between work and the gym either!

So, there you have it, the 6 reasons to wear a sports bra daily. They have become an integral part of our workout apparel and they can also become an integral part of our everyday lives.