5 Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

Our top 5 Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

Bikinis and a big bust are rarely two things that go together. Well, that is, until now! The swimwear industry has started catering to women with large boobs, and it’s about time! After all, the size of your breasts doesn’t determine your desire for stunning beach babe fashion. So, if you’re ready to finally be able to indulge in chic swimwear without sacrificing support or risking a slip, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 5 bikini tops for large boobs.
The Sport Bra Bikini Top

We know what you’re thinking, you spent the majority of your teen years wearing sports bras because up until recently, they were the only styles that gave you the support you need. Why in the world would you want to wear them again, let alone within your swimwear?

Well, the answer is simple – because they’re super chic! Sport bra bikini tops are nothing like what you would expect them to be or worse, have already experienced for yourself. Instead, they’re designed with all the beach babe style you’re looking for, with an added dose of support.
The Crop Top Swimwear Trend

Crop tops are back, only this time, they’re trending within the swimwear industry. We absolutely love these bikini tops and often recommend them as being one of the best swimsuits for larger boobs, as the extra coverage gives you a boost of support without taking away from the chic, shore-side style you desire.
The Bra Bikini Top

The bra bikini top look is great for beach babes with large boobs because the back strap is thicker than others, offering extra support. The front also offers enough coverage so that you’re not falling out, yet offers little enough coverage to keep your sex appeal on point!
The High Neck Top

When you think of swimwear, you likely don’t think about high necklines. After all, most styles are swooping so low in the front that they’re absolutely impossible to wear if you have a large bust. But don’t be mistaken – high neckline bikini tops are all the rage right now, and they’re super chic!

These are great bikini tops for large boobs, as the extra fabric in the front helps to keep those babies contained, if you know what we mean, all without taking away from the chic beach babe look you’re going after.
The One-Piece Swimsuit

Gone are the days where one-piece swimsuits simply weren’t a part of shoreside fashion! One-piece swimsuits are hotter than ever, offering styles that are even sexier than itsy bitsy bikinis. As a bonus, the coverage is great for beach babes with large boobs, allowing you to get the support and the style you want!  
As a rule of thumb, the key to finding supportive and chic swimwear for large boobs is to look at the fabric, the fit and the structure. If all three look good, your beach babe aspirations should be fully supported on the sandy shores.

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