2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner, celebrated on Sunday June 19th this year. Our 2022 Father’s Day gift guide can help you pick out the perfect present for every man in your life. From electronics to snacks, athletic gear to spirits, we have included a little bit of everything.

Custom Portable and Compact Wireless Charger
This Portable and Compact Wireless Charger Plastic has many advantages. Put it at your fingertips, charge immediately, the phone will not vibration, 10w charging power, high efficiency, fast charging, charging with case, still at full speed; small and light, easy to carry; Built-in MCU and charge management IC chip, with overcurrent and overvoltage, overheating, short circuit and other multiple protections, safe charging. The charging time of different mobile phone models is different and it is expected to be fully charged in 2.5 hours.

Whether individual photos, collages, faces, texts or pictures you have painted yourself, since you can have the front of your wireless charging pad ​printed individually, the look of the product is entirely up to you.

Custom Personalised Sports Sweatband Unisex Exercise Sweatband
This sports sweatband is made of polyester. These workout headbands ensure good elasticity and fit your head. In addition, there is no seam and can be pressed against the forehead. When you play basketball, tennis, yoga, running, gym exercise, outdoor work activities, wearing this stylish and beautiful sports sweat belt will not let you down. With these exquisite sports headbands, you can immediately absorb and quickly absorb sweat, so you can enjoy the time of exercise without constantly stinging your eyes with sweat.

Custom Stainless Steel Wine Bottle
This food-grade stainless steel wine bottle is hand-polished in 8 processes, is round and shiny like a mirror, without any layer treatment, safe and non-toxic. It is drop and abrasion resistant and the sealing performance of the screw cap is 100%. Good airtightness to prevent wine leakage and waste. This wine bottle made of metal, stainless steel with an acrylic sticker can be conveniently stowed and hidden in suits, jeans pockets, jackets, fishing boxes, beach bags or travel bags.

In our online shop dysdyl.com you can design and print your own father's day gifts with your own design or photo. The included possibilities of the tool make the father's day gifts easier. We provide you with a generator for the design, which is an online app that you do not have to download to your device. With the generator you can easily design an overprint. One or more graphics can be loaded into the generator.